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Introduction from Ed Crooks

The purpose of this web page is to inform you the consumer/customer of Pine Hill Water Co., Inc. It will contain information which I believe you will find interesting and informative. It will have information of how your utility is doing, what it proposes to do to better serve you and more importantly to ensure you continue to receive the water you need to conduct daily life.

Included in this web site is a means you can communicate directly with me. Please feel free to use it with any questions, comments or needs.

Very Best Regards,

Ed Crooks


Pine Hill Water Co., Inc. is embarking on a major capital improvement to your water utility. Before the end of 2013, the water storage tank will be replaced. The existing tank is the original tank and is at least 40 years old. The wall has become quite thin and subject to holes and a rupture.

As you are aware, the water storage tank was replaced after the original tank ruptured. This is the first in a list of capital improvements to be made.

Individual water meters will be installed. This will allow for greater control of the water resources, we are trusted to manage. It is important that each household is aware of the amount of water it consumes. Not only so that those who are conservative but those who use more water are aware and can change habits becoming conservative.

An alarm system was installed in the water plant to notify operators when there is a change which requires attention. Low pressure, and power loss are the two main problems to occur and are part of the alarm system notification process.


EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and MDE (Maryland Department of the Environment) have developed parameters which all public water companies in Maryland must test for. Because of this, you can be comfortable drinking from public water companies in the state of Maryland, it is safe.

Pine Hill Water Co., Inc. must sample;

1) Bacteriological sample monthly (the number of samples depends on number of homes). Pine Hill Water Co., Inc. is required to take one (1) sample per month.

2) Nitrate samples, one sample per year per well. Pine Hill Water Co., Inc. is required to take one (1) sample per year.

3) Lead and Copper is tested for every three (3) years. A total of five (5) samples are taken.

4) VOC (Volatile Organic Chemicals) coming mostly from petroleum products is tested for every five (5) years.

There are other contaminants the state tests for. The results for those are found in the CCR (Consumer Confidence Report, sent annually).


You probably don't know this but the State of Maryland owns and exerts control over all the water found within its borders.

In an effort to manage and conserve this resource, it issues a water appropriation permit to each and every consumer of this resource (water). Even every individual resident who has a well is issued a well permit by the state.

The water appropriation permit for Pine Hill Water Co., Inc. allows for 15,000 gallons per day (gpd) average daily withdrawl of water. The state takes very seriously the responsibility of the consumer to adhere to the limitations of the permit. In 2007 it legislated itself power to fine up to $5,000.00 per day consumers who exceed the permit allocation. It is yours and my responsibility, as a consumer to be aware of this, to be aware of the consumption.

Pine Hill Water Co., Inc. has 39 homes. The average daily consumption per household is 173 gallons. The actual average daily usage is 6,766 gallons.

How can you do your part;

1) Repair leaky fixtures, toilets, faucets. We will provide you with dye tablets for your toilet, to check for a leak. It is very possible for a toilet to leak without any obvious signs.

2) Do not wash cars or anything with an open hose. Always use a nozzle, to control the flow.

3) Never wash sidewalk or driveways with water. Use a broom, your asphalt will never grow, no matter how much you water it!

4) Never turn sprinkler on and leave for extended period. Use a timer to regulate amount of watering.

5) Report any leaks you notice to the water company. If the water leak is in your yard, call us. We will determine if it is your service line or ours. We will repair it for you, at a much more reasonable cost than others.

What will we do?;

1) Make it a priority to repair reported or observed water leaks.

2) Install water meters to inform resident of consumption as well as enable Pine Hill Water Co., Inc. to identify problems of consumption.

3) Should consumption reach a point where the appropriation is exceeded, the water company will institute a water restriction for washing vehicles, watering lawns and gardens. The violation will result in water service being terminated.




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